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General Knowledge mcqs and one liners

Paper of UDC Ministry of Finance held on 8/11/2020

Paper of UDC Ministry of Finance held on 8/11/2020 Booking clerk looked grumpy opposite of grumpy is?Tallest tower of the world?Lord mountain become victory in?Highest no of time zone is of which country?Angela Water is to b which country?Greenwich located near?Roof of world called to which mountain?Your majesty……..Tense is currency …

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Today’s paper of Lecturer Pakistan Studies PPSC 25-10-2020

Today’s paper of Pak Study PPSC 25-10-2020 Kindly search and confirm answers yourself Lecturer Pak Study Paper PPSC 25-10-20201.Hingol river.2.Tochi pass3.Baltoro4.Norway capital5.Canada capital6.Uno sec gen.7.Ummul masakin8.Sanan ibn maja9.Valour synm10.Compassion syno11.Arti 140 of consti12.Suprem court under article13.Insta app for covid14.Youth game would b in china which year15.current peaker national assembly16.Resudiary powers …

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500 important mcqs collection for ppsc papers

500 #Important_Mcqs_for_tests, 1.The last viceroy of united India was .(Lord Mount Batten)2. is known as Bab-ul-Islam.(Sindh) 3.The first O.I.C summit was held in ____ in . (Rabat,Morocco)(1969)4.The second O.I.C summit was held in in .(Lahore,Pakistan)(1974)5.The third O.I.C summit was held in and .in_____.(Makkah)(Taif,Saudia Arabia)(1981)12.The highway linking China and Pakistan is …

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Books for Tehsildar and Main Tehsildar

Best Books for the Post of #Tehsildar and #NaibTehsildar are available at one of the largest Online Bookstore. LATEST PPSC 76th EDITIONCSS/PMS/PPSC/FPSC/IELTS 1-15 SET/ PUNJAB UNIVERSITY MA SUBJECTS PART 1,2 BOOKS/NOVELS/MEDICAL AND UNIVERSITY BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE.NOTE:CASH ON DELIVERY SERVICE IS ALSO AVAILABLE.📚 kamran Medical book shop Lahore🇵🇰 Delivery across Pakistan📦 …

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Rare information related Pakistan anthem in Urdu

Info: National Anthem سوال۔۔پاکستان کیلئے قومی ترانہ منتخب کرنے کیلئے کب کمیٹی تشکیل دی گئی۔؟؟؟جواب۔۔۔24فروری 1949ء سوال۔۔ قومی ترانہ منتخب کرنے کیلئے کتنے ممبران پر مشتمل کمیٹی تشکیل پائی؟؟؟جوا۔۔۔9ممبران سوال۔۔۔تشکیل کی گئی کمیٹی میں منتخب کرنے کیلئے کتنے ترانے پیش کیے گئے؟؟جواب۔۔723 ترانے پیش ہوئے۔۔ سوال۔۔کس شخصیت کا ترانہ منتخب …

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Current Leaders of The Asian Countries – Updated

■((Current Leaders of The Asian Countries))■ (Updated)1)🇵🇰 Pakistan—Imran khah(PM)&Arif Alvi(President).2)🇮🇳 India—Narendra modi(PM)&Ram nath Kovind(President).3)🇱🇰 Srilanka—Mahinda Rajapaksa(PM)&Gotabaya Rajapaksa(President).4)🇦🇫 Afghanistan—Ashraf ghani(President).5)🇮🇷 Iran—Hassan Rouhani(President)&Ali Khamenei(Supreme Leader).6)🇮🇶 Iraq—Barham Salih(President)&Mustafa Al-Kadhimi(PM).7)🇸🇾 Syria—Bashar al-Assad(President)&Hussein Arnous(PM).8)🇨🇳 China—Xi Jinping(Party General Secretary and President).9)🇯🇵 Japan—Naruhito(Emperor)&Yoshihide Suga(PM).10)🇲🇾 Malaysia–Abdullah al-Haj(King)&Muhyiddin Yassin(PM).11)🇮🇩 Indonesia—Joko widodo(President)&Amin Maruf(Vice-President).12)🇧🇩 Bangladesh—Sheikh Hasina(PM)&Abdul Hamid(President).13)🇳🇵 Nepal—Bidhya Devi Bhandari(President)&Khadga Prasad …

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