100 plus mcqs related to Pakistan history


1)πŸ‘ˆ What is the meaning of Pakistan?
( Holy Landβœ… )

2)πŸ‘ˆ Who was the first governor general of Pakistan?
( Quid-e-Azam βœ… )

3)πŸ‘ˆ What was the major event of 1971?
( Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan βœ… )

4)πŸ‘ˆ When Musharraf overthrew the government of Nawaz sharif designation did he take?
( Chief Executive βœ… )

5)πŸ‘ˆ In which year did Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup?
( 1992 βœ… )

6)πŸ‘ˆ When did Pakistan won the Olympic gold medal in hockey for the first time?
( 1960 βœ… )

7)πŸ‘ˆ Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province at the time of Independence?
( Congress βœ… )

8)πŸ‘ˆ Where was General Pervez Musharraf born in?
( Dehli βœ… )

9)πŸ‘ˆ Where is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?
( Lahore βœ… )

10)πŸ‘ˆ Who successeded Zia-ul-Haque as Prisedent of Pakistan?
( Ghulam Ishaque βœ… )

11)πŸ‘ˆ When did Pakistan become a Republic?
( 23 murch 1956 βœ… )

12)πŸ‘ˆ In which Constitution did Pakistan became Islamic Republic?
( 1956 βœ… )

13)πŸ‘ˆ How many times did squash player Janghir Khan win World Open?
( Six Times βœ… )

14)πŸ‘ˆ How many times did squash player Janghir Khan win British Open Championship?
( Ten Times βœ… )

15)πŸ‘ˆ How may times did squash player Jansher Khan win World Open?
( Eight Times βœ… )

16)πŸ‘ˆ How many times did squash player Jansher Khan British Open Championship?
( Six Times βœ… )

17)πŸ‘ˆ When did Pakistan won first Hockey world cup?
( 1971 βœ… )

18)πŸ‘ˆ What is the name of Pakistani film industry?
( Lollywood

19)πŸ‘ˆ Which was the first Movie of Pakistan?
( Teri Yaad βœ… )

20)πŸ‘ˆ When was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Prisedent of Pakistan?
( 1971 to 1973 βœ… )

21)πŸ‘ˆ When was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto born?
( 1928 βœ… )

22)πŸ‘ˆ Which University in USA did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto attend?
( University of California, Berkeley βœ… )

23)πŸ‘ˆ Where did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto study law?
( Oxford University βœ… )

24)πŸ‘ˆ What was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto portfolio in 1963-1966?
( Foreign affairs βœ… )

25)πŸ‘ˆ Which party did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto found?
( PPP βœ… )

26)πŸ‘ˆ When was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto became prime minister of Pakistan?
( 1973 to 1977 βœ… )

27)πŸ‘ˆ When did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto die?
( 4 April 1979 βœ… )

28)πŸ‘ˆ Where did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto die?
( Rawalpindi βœ… )

29)πŸ‘ˆ How did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto die?
( Hanged βœ… )

30)πŸ‘ˆ Who started the Faraizi
( Haji Shariat Ullah βœ… )

31)πŸ‘ˆ The” Kashaf-ul-Mahjub ” was written by?
( Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh(R.A) βœ… )

32)πŸ‘ˆ In which year Sir Syed Ahmad Khan wrote his famous book” The Indian Muslamans?
( 1871 βœ… )

33)πŸ‘ˆ Indian Council Act was passed on?
( 1858 βœ… )

34)πŸ‘ˆ British Government sold Kashmir to Gulab singh in the year?
( 1846 βœ… )

35)πŸ‘ˆ in which year British East India Company occupied punjab?
( 1849 βœ… )

36)πŸ‘ˆ At the time of Independence which community was in majority in the state of Kashmir?
( Muslims βœ… )

37)πŸ‘ˆ Which state was attacked by India on 11th September 1948?
( State of Hyderabad Daccan βœ… )

38)πŸ‘ˆ In which city Indian National Congress was found?
( Bombay βœ… )

39)πŸ‘ˆ In which city All India Muslim League was found?
( Dhaka βœ… )

40πŸ‘ˆ Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bengal?
( Lord Curzon

41)πŸ‘ˆ Who was the first Prisedent of All India Muslim League?
( Sir Agha Khan βœ… )

42)πŸ‘ˆ Who was the first Prisedent of Indian National Congress?
( Chunder Bonnerjee βœ… )

43)πŸ‘ˆ In which year Aligarh Trusteeship bil was passed?
( 1889 βœ… )

44)πŸ‘ˆ In which year Syed Jamal-u-din Afghani died?
( 1897 βœ… )

45)πŸ‘ˆ Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan?
( Khyber Pass βœ… )

46)πŸ‘ˆ The highest peak of Salt Range is?
( Sakasar βœ… )

47)πŸ‘ˆ The highest peak of Karakoram Range is?
( K-2 βœ… )

48)πŸ‘ˆ The highest peak of Kirthar Range is ?
( Zardak peak βœ… )

49)πŸ‘ˆ The highest peak of Himalaya Range in Pakistan ?
( Nanga Parbat βœ… )

50 The highest peak of Hindu Kush Range is?
( Tirich Mir βœ… )

51)πŸ‘ˆ The highest peak of Safed Koh Mountain Range is ?
( Sikaram βœ… )

52)πŸ‘ˆ The highest peak of Suleiman Mountain Range is?
( Takht-e-Suleiman βœ… )

53)πŸ‘ˆ Pakistan conducted Nuclear tests on 28 may, 1998 at?
( Chaghi hills Balochistan βœ… )

54)πŸ‘ˆ The Capital city of Gilgit Baltistan is?
( Gilgit βœ… )

55)πŸ‘ˆ Who was the founder of Daily English newspaper Dawn?
( Quid-e-Azam βœ… )

56)πŸ‘ˆ Pakistan Steel Mills is located in?
( Karachi βœ… )

57)πŸ‘ˆ Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?
( Khuwaja Nazimudin βœ… )

58)πŸ‘ˆ The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan came into force on?
( 14 August βœ… )

59)πŸ‘ˆ The 1962 Constitution of Pakistan was passed during the regime of?
( Ayub Khan βœ… )

60)πŸ‘ˆ ICT Stand for?
( Islamabad Capital Territory βœ… )

61)πŸ‘ˆ First Charter of Human Rights is?
( Khutba-Hajjat-ul-Vida βœ… )

62)πŸ‘ˆ Total members of Punjab Assembly are?
( 371 βœ… )

63)πŸ‘ˆ Total members of KPK Assembly are?
( 124 βœ… )

64)πŸ‘ˆ Total members of Sindh Assembly are?
( 168 βœ… )

65)πŸ‘ˆ Total members of Balochistan Assembly are?
( 65 βœ… )

66)πŸ‘ˆ Total members of Gilgit Baltistan Assembly are?
( 33 βœ… )

67)πŸ‘ˆ How many total seats in National Assembly of Pakistan?
( 342 βœ… )

68)πŸ‘ˆ How many seats are there in National Assembly for Woman?
( 60 βœ… )

69?πŸ‘ˆ How many seats are there in National Assembly for non-Muslims?
( 10 βœ… )

70)πŸ‘ˆ How many members are in the Senate of Pakistan?
( 104 βœ… )

71)πŸ‘ˆ Tenure of Pakistan National and Provincial Assemblies is?
( 5 years βœ… )

72)πŸ‘ˆ Number of houses of Pakistan’s Majlis-e-Shura (Parliament) is?
( Two βœ… )

73)πŸ‘ˆ The Supreme commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is?
( Prisedent βœ… )

74)πŸ‘ˆ SNGPL Stand for?
( Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited βœ… )

75)πŸ‘ˆ The Largest city of Pakistan is by area?
( Karachi βœ… )

76)πŸ‘ˆ The Second Largest city of Pakistan is?
( Lahore βœ… )

77)πŸ‘ˆ The Third Largest city of Pakistan is?
( Faislabad βœ… )

78)πŸ‘ˆ First Cenus was held in Pakistan in the year of?
( 1951 βœ… )

79)πŸ‘ˆ Sadeqain is famous for?
( Painting and calligraphy βœ… )


80)πŸ‘ˆWhere is located Shah Jahan Mosque?
( District Thatta , Sindh )

81)πŸ‘ˆ Where is located Badshahi Mosque?
( Lahore βœ… )

82)πŸ‘ˆ Who built Badshahi Mosque?
( Aurangzeb Alamgir βœ… )

83)πŸ‘ˆ Where is located Mahabat Mosque?
( Peshawar βœ… )

84)πŸ‘ˆ Where is located Wazir Khan Mosque?
( Lahore βœ… )

85)πŸ‘ˆ Where is located Moti Masjid?
( Lahore βœ… )

86)πŸ‘ˆ Where is located Masjid Tooba?
( Karachi βœ… )

87)πŸ‘ˆ What is the Largest Mosque of Pakistan?
( Shah Faisal Mosque βœ… )

88)πŸ‘ˆ In which city located Shah Faisal Mosque?
( Islamabad βœ… )

89)πŸ‘ˆ The Muslims came to Sindh in 712 A.D under the leadership of?
( Muhammad bin Qasim βœ… )

90)πŸ‘ˆ The area between rivers Jhelum and Chenab is called?
( Chaj βœ… )

91)πŸ‘ˆ The Largest Railway workshop Mughalpura is situated in?
( Lahore βœ… )

92)πŸ‘ˆ Which is the sixth most populated country in the world?
( Pakistan βœ… )

93)πŸ‘ˆ How many Deserts in Pakistan is ?
( Five 5 βœ… )

94)πŸ‘ˆ Largest Desert of Pakistan is?
( Thar desert, Sindh βœ… )

95)πŸ‘ˆ Smallest Desert of Pakistan is?
( Thal desert, Punjab βœ… )

96)πŸ‘ˆ Thar desert is located in?
( Sindh Province βœ… )

97)πŸ‘ˆ Thal desert is located in?
( Punjab Province βœ… )

98)πŸ‘ˆ Cholistan desert is located in?
( Punjab Province βœ… )

99)πŸ‘ˆ Kharan desert is located in?
( Balochistan Province )

100)πŸ‘ˆ Katpana desert is located in?
( Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan βœ… )

101)πŸ‘ˆ Which Province of Pakistan have no Desert?
( KPK βœ… )

102)πŸ‘ˆ The founder of All India Muslim League Nawab Salimullah Khan belonged to?
( Dhaka βœ… )

103)πŸ‘ˆ Who was the hero of Pak and India 1965 war?
( Major Aziz Bhatti βœ… )

104)πŸ‘ˆ Which is the first book of Pashto Language?
( Pata Khazana βœ… )

105)πŸ‘ˆ Urdu is a word of Turkish Language, it means?
( Army βœ… )

106)πŸ‘ˆ First Poet of Urdu Language is?
( Amir Khusrow βœ… )

107)πŸ‘ˆ First Poet of Pashto Language is?
( Amir Kror βœ… )

108)πŸ‘ˆ First Poet of Punjabi Language is?
( Baba Farid βœ… )

109)πŸ‘ˆ Name the languege in which the Holy Quran was translated for the first time in India?
( Sindhi language βœ… )

110)πŸ‘ˆ Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah died in the year?
( 1967 βœ… )

111)πŸ‘ˆ The Common value among the people of Pakistan is?
( Islam )

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