Accountant/Auditor paper held by PPSC on 24-10-2020

Accountant/Auditor paper 24-10-2020

Kindly search and confirm answers yourself

Gobi Desert located in…. Asia

Notorious Synonym … Famous

Current pm of Russia… Mikhail Mishustin

Speaker of Sindh Assembly …. Agha Siraj Durrani

Prime Cost = Direct Material+Direct Labour

50 Currency Note is called

0.7÷10 = 0.07

Income tax applied on – Net income/Gross income

Income tax is a – National income/other yaad ni

Cooperating is not include in Management Function

Company requested for call back share

GST Stands for… General Sales tax

Statistic is related to Mathimatics

Materiality in Audit

Auditor is a waching dog or other

FIFO or LIFO used in Inventory

Prepetual Inventory method used in cost Accounting

50 Note is called?

Speaker Balochistan Assembly
Capital of Australia

Jurat or Bahadria ? urud

Wasif rao

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