Detailed basic computer related one liners

To insert inside powerpoint presentation we use short key Cntl+N
To insert new slide we use short key Cntl + M
To add video in powerpoint presentation that option is available inside powerpoint presentation
To count word that option is available in review
Short key for theasures is shift + F7
Short key for spell check is F7
Zoom is 500% in word, and 400% both in excel and powerpoint
Moving out of objects or words is in animation option of powerpoint
Transition is for slides in powerpoint
Automatic style for word is Calibri
Minimum word size is 8 and maximum word size is 75
For Help in power point option click F1
For slide view in power point option click F5
For Macros alt+F8
To apply bullet cntl+shift+L
Inside Home options are

  1. Font style
  2. Font size Cntrl + ]
  3. Subscript Cntl +
  4. Superscript Cntl + Shift++
  5. Underline Cntl+ U
  6. Italic Cntl + I
  7. Bold Cntl + B
  8. Font color
  9. Back ground color
  10. Erase
  11. Alignment center Cntl +E Alignment left Cntl +L Alignment right Cntl + R Justification Cntl + J
  12. Find
  13. Replace
  14. Sensitivity
  15. Styles
  16. Dictate option
  17. Format painter
  18. Paste option
  19. Add bullets
  20. Add numbers
  21. Add Multilevel lists
  22. Decrease Intendention
  23. Increase Intendentation
    Inside Insert option
  24. Cover page
  25. Blank page
  26. Page break
  27. Table
  28. Pictures
  29. Online Pictures
  30. Shape Pictures
  31. Icons
  32. 3 D models
  33. Smart Art
  34. Chart
  35. Screen Shots
  36. Get Adds in
  37. My Adds in
  38. Wiki pedia
  39. Online video
  40. Link
  41. Bookmark
  42. Cross References
  43. Comment
  44. Header
  45. Footer
  46. Page Number
  47. Text Book
  48. Explore quick arts
  49. Add word arts
  50. Add Drop cards
  51. Add signature Line
  52. Add date and time
  53. Add object
  54. Add symbols and equations
    Inside Design option
  55. Themes
  56. Color of themes
  57. Fonts
  58. Paragraph spacing
  59. Effects
  60. Water mark
  61. Page color
  62. Page border
    Inside Layout option
  63. Margins
  64. Orientation
  65. Size
  66. Columns
  67. Breaks
  68. Line Numbers
  69. Hyphenation
  70. Indent space from left or right in inches
  71. Spacing before and after in points
  72. Position
  73. Wrap Text
  74. Bring Forward
  75. Send Backward
  76. Selection Pane
  77. Align
  78. Groups
  79. Rotate
    Inside References options are
  80. Table of Contents
  81. Add Text
  82. Update Table
  83. Insert Footnote
  84. Insert Endnote
  85. Next Footnote
  86. Show Notes
  87. Smart Lookup
  88. Researcher
  89. Insert Citation
  90. Manage Sources
  91. Styles APA
  92. Bibliography
  93. Insert Caption
  94. Insert Table of Figures
  95. Cross References
  96. Mark Entry
  97. Insert Index
  98. Update Index
  99. Mark Citation
  100. Insert Table of Authorities
  101. Table of Authorities
    Insert Mailings option
  102. Envelopes
  103. Labels
  104. Start Mail Merge
  105. Select recipients
  106. Edit Recipient List
  107. Highlight Merge Fields
  108. Address Block
  109. Greeting Line
  110. Insert Merge Field
  111. Rules
  112. Match Fields
  113. Update Labels
  114. Preview results
  115. Find Recipient
  116. Check for Errors
  117. Finish and merge
    Review Option
  118. Check Document
  119. Thesaurus
  120. Word count
  121. Read Aloud
  122. Check Accessibility
  123. Translate
  124. Language
  125. New Comment (delete comments, previous comments, Next comments, show comments)
  126. Track Changes
  127. Simple mark up
  128. Show mark up
  129. Reviewing Pane
  130. Accept changes, Reject Changes, Previous and Next changes
  131. Compare
  132. Block Authors, Restrict Editing, Protect
  133. Hide Ink
  134. Assume Assistant in Resume
    In view option are
  135. Read mode
  136. Print Layout
  137. Web Layout
  138. Outline
  139. Draft
  140. Focus
  141. Immersive Reader
  142. Vertical
  143. Side to Side in Page Movement
  144. Ruler
  145. Gridlines
  146. Navigation Pane in Show
  147. Zoom option in one page, multiple pages, Page width
  148. New window, Arrange All, Splint options
  149. In window View side by side, Synchronous scrolling, Reset window position
  150. Switch window option
  151. Macros
  152. Properties in sharepoint option
    Inside Adds-inns option
  153. SCF V5 option
    Inside Help option
  154. Help
  155. Contact Support
  156. Show training
    Power Point Options
    Inside Home option
  157. Clip board paste, cut and copy
  158. New slide, layout, reset and selection
  159. Font styles, size, increase font size, minimum font size 8 and maximum font size is 96, bold, italic, underline, shadow, clear formatting, highlight text, font color, background color, font spacing, change letter case sentence case, lower case, capitalize each case, uppercase, toggle case to
  160. Inside paragraph option, alignment (center, left, right, justify), add or remove columns, Text direction, convert to smart art graphics, Line spacing, increase from left, add (bullets, numbers )
  161. Sensitivity
  162. Shapes, Arrange, Quick Styles, Shape Fill, Shape outline, Shape effects
  163. Find, replace and Select in Editing
  164. Design idea
  165. Dictate in voice
    Inside Insert option
  166. New slide
  167. Table
  168. Pictures, Online Pictures, Screen Shots, Photo Album in images
  169. Shapes, Icons, 3D models, smart art, chart in illustrations option
  170. Forms
  171. Adds in
  172. Links
  174. Text
  175. Symbols
  176. Insert Media (audio, video, screen recording)
    Inside Design Options
  177. Themes
  178. Variants
  179. Customize
  180. Design Ideas (Designer)
    Inside Transitions option
  181. Slide transition none, morph, fade, push, wipe, split
  182. Effect options
  183. Sound, Duration, apply to all
  184. Advance slide, on mouse click, after
    Inside animation option
  185. Motion path effects None, appear, fade, fly in
  186. Add animation, animation pane, Trigger, Animation trigger, advanced animation
  187. Timing start, duration, delay
  188. Record animation
    Inside Slide Show
  189. From beginning
  190. From current slide
  191. Present online
  192. Custom slide show
  193. Setup slide show
  194. Hide slide
  195. Rehearse Timings
  196. Record Slide Show
  197. Play Narrations
  198. Use Timings
  199. Show Media controls
  200. In monitors automatic and Use presenter View
  201. Always use subtitles and subtitles settings (caption and subtitles)
    Inside Review Option
  202. Spelling check
  203. Thesaurus
  204. Check accessibility
  205. Smart Lookup in insights
  206. Translate, Language in Language
  207. New comments delete, previous and Next in comments
  208. Show comments
  209. Compare, accept, reject, previous, next and reviewing pane and end review in Compare
  210. Ink In Hide Ink
    Inside View option
  211. Normal
  212. Outline view
  213. Slide sorter
  214. Notes page
  215. Reading View
  216. Slide Master
  217. Hand out Master
  218. Notes Master
  219. Ruler, Gridline, Guides, Notes
  220. Zoom and Fit to Window
  221. Color, Grayscales, Black and White
  222. New Window, Switch Window
  223. Macros
    Inside Help option
  224. Help
  225. Contact support
  226. Show training option
    Inside Shape format option
  227. Insert shape option
  228. Shape styles, shape fill, shape outlines, shape effects
  229. Quick styles, word art styles
  230. Alt text accessibility
  231. Bring forward, send backward, Selection pane in arrange option, align objects, rotate objects option
  232. In size shape width and shape height
    In Excel Application
    Inside Home option
  233. Clip board paste cut copy and paste
  234. Font Calibri, bold, italic, underline, font size, font color, highlight text, inset border in tables,
  235. Alignment center, left, right, merge table, top align, middle align, bottom align, wrap text, orientation, increase indent, decrease indent
  236. Sensitivity
  237. Accounting number format $, cntl+ shift+ %, comma style, increase decimel, decrease decimel
  238. Conditional formatting, Format as table, Cell styles
  239. Insert, delete, format cell, conditional formatting, Format as table, cell styles
  240. Editing sum alt + = , find, sorting, continuous, fill, color
  241. Ideas
    In Inset option
  242. Tables
  243. Illustrations
  244. Adds in
  245. Recommended Charts
  246. Maps and pivot charts
  247. 3D maps
  248. Sparklines
  249. Filters
  250. Link
  251. Comment
  252. Text
  253. Symbols
    In page layout options
  254. Themes, colors, fonts, Effects
  255. Margins, Orientation, Size, Print Area, Break, Background, Print Titles
  256. Scale to fit (width, height, Scales 100%
  257. Gridlines view print, Headings View print
  258. Bring forward, Send Backward, selection Pane and align object, group objects and rotate objects in Arrange
    In formulas Option
  259. Insert function
  260. Autosum, recently used, financial
  261. Logical, Text, Date and time, Lookup references, Math and Trig, and more functions in Function Library
  262. Name Manager, Define Name, Use in Formula, Create from Selection in Defined Names
  263. Trace Precedents, Trace Dependents and Remove Arrows, show formula, error checking and remove formula in Formula Editing
  264. Watch Window
  265. Calculation option calculate now F9 and calculate sheet shift + F9
    In Data Option
  266. Get Data from text CSV, from web and from table ranges
  267. Refresh all, queries and connections Properties, Edit Links
  268. Sorting option from A to Z or from Z to A
  269. Filter option and to clear reapply and advanced filter in sorting and filter
  270. In data tools Text to columns flash fill cntl+E, remove duplicates, data validation, consolidate, relationship, get to power pivot window
  271. In forecast What if analysis, forecast sheet
  272. Outline (group, ungroup and subtotal)
    In Review Option
  273. Spelling
  274. Thesaurus
  275. Workbook Statistics
  276. Check accessibility
  277. Smart Lookup Insights
  278. Language
  279. New comment
  280. Show comments
  281. Notes
  282. Protect sheet
  283. Protect workbook
  284. Allow Edit Ranges
  285. Unshare Workbook
  286. Hide Ink
    In View Option
  287. Work book reviews Normal, page break preview, Page layout, Custom views
  288. In show ruler, Gridlines, Formula bar and headings
  289. In zoom 100%, zoom to selection
  290. New window, arrange all, Freeze panes freeze first row, freeze first column, split, hide and unhide in window option view side by side, synchronous scrolling and reset window position in window
  291. Macros alt + F8
  292. Switch windows
    In help option
    Help, Contact Support and show training
  293. Community
  294. Excel Blog
  295. Suggest a Feature

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