PPSC Lecturer Journalism Paper held on 25-10-2020

PPSC Lecturer Journalism Paper

Kindly search and confirm answers yourself

  1. Current Dp. Speaker of NA (Qasim Suri).
  2. PM of Qatar (Khalid bin Khalifa)
  3. Twitter an example of (Microblogging).
  4. Testing hypothesis (inferential research).
  5. Country start business relations with israel recently (UAE).
  6. Forth coming news (curtain raiser).
  7. Hashtags for (keywords and for searching specific words).
  8. ESP in advertising (Emotional Selling Preposition).
  9. Fast moving frames create (Motion).
  10. Current SG of UN (Antonio Gurterres).
  11. Almost all decisions of production ( Pre-production).
  12. AIDA means (awareness, interest, desire, action).
  13. Two way communication model for, negotiation, mutual…. (All of above).
  14. Cutting unwanted pic area (Cropping).
  15. Tv in Pakistan (1964).
  16. Making decision while getting opinion of others -something like that- (Social validation).
  17. Art of rhetoric by (Aristotle).
  18. Libertarian theory also known as (free press theory).
  19. Recently announced polio free region (Nigeria)
  20. Cyberspace coined by (Gibson)
  21. Slander means (spoken defamation, verbal defamation, A&B option i guess).
  22. Line of Actual Control between (China & India)
  23. Innovation model (…)
  24. Media kit should NOT consist of (News Release, organization papers) ??
  25. After inventions in media people (moved to diffusion, intuitive, something like this)??
  26. Films/movies are moving (frames).
  27. Mcluhan saw retribalization with Newspapers, movies, media, TV (TV).
  28. Press note issued by editor, govt official, sub-editor (??)
  29. HTML is ( non linear communication)??
  30. Highlighted text in HTML (Hypertext, hotspot, browser switch)??
  31. Similar in Google drive and 2 others (editable docs for multiple people).
  32. Militant media press group ( Sir syed, M Ali jouhar, hasrat mohani) ??
  33. Who invented mouse (engalbart).
  34. In-camera session means (open for press and public).
  35. Ijtehad means (effort, option D).
  36. First OIC summet (Rabat)
  37. Switzerland capital (Berne).
  38. Which gas is used in banaspati ghee (hydrogen).
  39. Which is not present in Bone, phosphorus, oxygen, calcium, carbon (oxygen).
  40. PR model for public feedback (two way model)??
  41. Non probability sampling (Random).
  42. Style sheets for (diversity).
  43. Central tendency (arithmatic mean, median, mode)
  44. Liber means (written defamation).
  45. Prophet (SAW) imam ul ambia in (Masjid e Aqsa).
  46. Editorial writer’s name should be on (nowhere).
  47. In TV director is also called producer because (manages budget).
  48. Main headline on main page covering all columns (Banner).
  49. App (mobile application).
  50. Qualitative domain in advertising
  51. Quantitative domain in ad (focus group)
  52. In column what is necessary (Byline).
  53. Northern and southern hemispheres are separated by (Equator).
  54. What next 1,3,12,60 (360).
  55. Bought cycle in 1400, sold with 15% loss, selling price (1190).
  56. Largest opium producer province of Afghanistan (Helmand).
  57. Vernacular act restrticts (Urdu Hindi papers)
  58. Lake Tana in (Ethopia)
  59. Adab e Latif editor (Ch Barkat Ali)
  60. Main ne Qissa Bagho Bahar (Parhi hai).
  61. Development support communication
  62. Something related to term press Superpower ()
  63. Normative theories ()
  64. Not qualitative research (focus group)??
  65. Media Manufacture consent (Chomsky).
  66. Editor abridge text (Trimming).
  67. Which model denotes Web (Shannon amd weaver).
  68. Measure scale (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).
  69. Salience of editorial said editorial should have (byline, neutrality)
  70. Analysing narratives (Discourse Analysis)
  71. Roger and shoemaker (knowledge, persuasion, decision, confirmation).
  72. Organizational publication for (sharing info with small targeted audience).
  73. Something about the book of schiller (??)
  74. Father (Advised)
  75. Carry the day (victory)
  76. Validity in research

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