Today Lecturer Commerce Paper held by ppsc on 01 November 2020

Today Lecturer Commerce Paper

  1. Mounteverst in which country. Nepal
  2. Pakistan join Uno. 30 September 1947
    3.hazrat Umar R. A belong to Banu adi tribe
  3. Del gioconda name is Mona Lisa
  4. SAARC shorted Country Maldives
  5. Marina grande Beach is itlay
  6. Takla makan desert in China
  7. Verification through documents evidence is called Vouching
  8. Already arranged and managed data is called secondary data
  9. Company have largest employees. Ans is lower staff
  10. Highly paid salaries to which type of management level. TOP level managemt
  11. DG Khan khushab Miyanwali desert is thal
  12. Faiz Ahmed Faiz impresonment rawalpindi
  13. Iron deficiency. Animea
  14. Who prepare rules for auditing
    Internal accounting standard board IASB
  15. Fallacious synonyms Misleading
  16. Ms word Grammer check shortcut key is
  17. S. I unit of modulus elasticity is. Pascal
  18. NAFTA stands for
  19. Hazart Usman (R.A) belongs to Banu Umayya
  20. Iron deficiency causes anemia
  21. رباعی میں کتنے اشعار ھوتے ھیں

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