Today Lecturer English paper held by ppsc on 8 November 2020

English Lecturer Test
1.Sarajini Naidu was a poet…..
2.Emily bronte write only one novel…. name
3.Uncle Tom’s Cabin written by…….
4.Grotesque antonym
5.Cyclone in Pakistan written by
6.Fielding novels are….
7.Restoration period saw the rise of
8.Milton ,Thou shouldst……
9.system of printing books in 1400…..
11.Sherlock Holm character by….
12.Same poetic quality b/w Keats and Tennyson
13.Man Booker Prize was awarded to Arun Dhati Roy for……
14.13 Properties of language by Hockette
15.Auden Group was given name…..
16.Golden Breath….
17.Aurobindo Savitri epic about….
18.sound made with airpassing
19.After reformation Catholic Teachings were propagated by which group
20.Leading Figure of Christian Humanism….
21.English as a language number in the world
22.In preface to lyrical ballads Wordsworth describes ….
23.Deductive method proceed from
24.Study of words occur together
25.A question from A Doll’s House
26.Hardy Novels Jude the obscure and Tess deal with
27.D.H.Lawrence Novel about Oedipus Complex
28.Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant written by
29.Victorian poet but having modern techniques
30.Maya is Central Character in….
31.Original Speakers of English
32.Consonants first which the air stop
33.All Carnivores plants are
34.National Assembly recent Term
35.Main Contributor is linguistics Period
36.Speaker learn how to participate in conversation
37.laugh at
38.Barahma Smaj Modified by
39.Double fault
40.Panama in which continent
41.DNA structure invented by
42.The Pendemic Century by
43.مفسر قرآن
44۔میثاق مدینہ
45۔کافور ہونا
46۔اشقلے چھوڑنا

47۔table split shot cut key
48.Transister Invented by
49.Pompeleon Beach in which country
50.Equation In MS excel
51.Edgar Allen Poe wrote for which journal
52.Queens Rival based on
53.Grammar Translation method focuses on
54.period 1300 to 1650 is called
55.Math question no.1 answer 50
56.Math Question No.2 answer 3

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