Today’s paper of Lecturer Pakistan Studies PPSC 25-10-2020

Today’s paper of Pak Study PPSC 25-10-2020

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Lecturer Pak Study Paper PPSC 25-10-2020
1.Hingol river.
2.Tochi pass
4.Norway capital
5.Canada capital
6.Uno sec gen.
7.Ummul masakin
8.Sanan ibn maja
9.Valour synm
10.Compassion syno
11.Arti 140 of consti
12.Suprem court under article
13.Insta app for covid
14.Youth game would b in china which year
15.current peaker national assembly
16.Resudiary powers under cabinet mission
17.Female in uno 1947 delegation
18.Female activitist from bengal during pak mov
19.For memory book
20.Politics in pakistan change n direction
Translation of hyat jawaed

  1. Shabe rafta poetry book
  2. Ist governor of sindh after partition
    23.Pakistan fund created in which year
    24.Indus basin treaty signed
    25.Student federation establishment
    26.1st persian collection of iqbal poetry book minister at the time of war of independnce
    27.Allama iqbal open uni name
    28.Doltana remained cheif minister of
    29.Khan sb cheif of west pk belong to which party
    30.Dehli muslim proposal
    31.Jinah sikandr pact
    32.Soraj party was established
    33.In 1919 which movement was started by gandhi
    34….Member of senate retire in pakistan
    35.Ist country visit by zia
    36.Ist leader of pk who visited russia
    37.Ghaznfar ali khan portfolio in interm govt
    38.Mian muhamad shafi portfolio in punjab
    39.Pk.president in 1993 election
    40.Speaker of national assembly during 1885
    45.Vice president of 1st constituent assembly
    46.14th amendment related to
    47.1st CM of blochistan after 1st general election 1970
    48.Fatima jinah died
    49.Lylpur name change to faislabad in which year
    جزرسی کرنا50.
    51.Drama derived from which langug
    53.Read/write memory called
    54.Co prime number.
    55.Summit held in 2017 in pk
    56.SCO 2019 session held in which country
    57.World economic forum meets every year in which country
    58.1st hindu dalat lady in national assembly
    59.Ministry which was given to jogandrnath mondal in independent pak.
  3. Who is famous for Kqfi and wai.
  4. Govt estabished in jummu n kashimir in which year.
  5. Cease fire agrrement signed in which city b/t pk n india in 1949.
  6. China pak agreement on nuclear coopration in which year.
  7. 1973 constitution parliament consist of.
  8. Fedal castro was given miltary award.
  9. 1n 1965 nishan haider was given to.
  10. 2nd highest militry award name.
    68.CO in blood?
    69…..member of any comunity veto bill which against their will as per 14 points
  11. Opposition leader in zulfiqar ali butto era.
  12. On which NFC award provinces have consesus.
  13. 5th five year plan was lasted from
  14. When mushrf taken over name of oppostion alliance.
  15. Gdp of pak in agriculture.
  16. Which post abolished in 1935 india act.
  17. Muhamadan provincial union formed in which year
  18. Objective resolution presented in which year.
  19. Report on economic develoment in Uno. Options. Nafes. Mehbol haq. Shukt aziz.
  20. Fatima jinah university in which city.
  21. Mathametic question.
  22. Head of student federation nd…..
  23. 3G/4G network started in pk.
  24. Military operation in 2017.
  25. Illbert bill 1884 gave powers to judges to try
  26. In 2005 pakistan gave vision of….
  27. When pak won t20 world cup.
    87.Hockey olymics last time win by pk which year.
    88.Pioneer of london muslim league.
  28. Change of creed in muslim league aimd at.
  29. Heavy metal which is not toxic.
    91.Kirthar mountain range in which province?
    92.Which country didn’t support pk in 1965 war.

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